When Is The Best Time to Start An Exterior Painting Project?

When Is The Best Time to Start An Exterior Painting Project?

If you’re looking to start an exterior painting project, the climate and area that you live in play a major factor in choosing when to start so that you’re able to complete the project and get the best results. Much like painting the outside of your home, the same principles apply to your business painting projects. 

In the article, 10 Things You Must Know When Painting a House Exterior, by the DIYNetwork, you can find some of the most important factors to take into consideration for these projects, which include: Mother Nature, and Quality over Quantity. Our experts at Jack Laurie Group agree, and add that when it comes to a your commercial business, taking this project to the experts is the best way to go as they’ll help you with your specific needs, design, and budget.

If you’re like us, and living in the Midwest, you have a smaller window of time to complete those projects than other areas in the country.

Our commercial painting experts have a few recommendations when it comes to completing your exterior painting project.

When’s the best time to complete an exterior painting project?

Our experts recommend that the best time to complete these projects is mid-spring through early fall. As we’re rounding out the summer, if you’re looking to complete a project, you’ll want to get moving!

Why is mid-spring through early fall the ideal time for exterior painting? 

While it’s true that some manufacturers offer paint options for extreme temperatures (extreme cold/heat/humidity), these factors can slow the process down along with potentially impacting the look and performance of the finished product.

Other than Mother Nature, what are the most important factors to consider when exterior painting?

The key to a long-lasting and professional exterior painting project is proper surface preparation prior to any products being applied, and consulting with a reputable contractor/manufacturer to ensure the correct primer and/or paint will be applied.

We’re here to help you get started on your next exterior painting project and aide in making the decisions you need to fit within your aesthetic and budget. Click here to reach out to one of our painting specialists to discuss your project now.