Offering a variety of custom solutions for you. From hardwood gym floors to multi-purpose room floors, we've got you covered.

Hardwood Gym Floors

Our most popular sporting option, hardwood gym floors must have the appropriate levels of safety while being durable, providing grip, and looking great. Whether for practice or the big games, your gym court should be welcoming.

Players need to focus on shooting, serving, setting, and running instead of wondering if the court is cushioning enough. Which is where Jack Laurie Group comes into play.

Our team will work with you to design a court that meets your specific sporting needs, incorporate school designs, create different layouts, and produce a court that your school or team can be proud of. Working with the top manufacturers of indoor and outdoor sport courts, we make sure your athletes have nothing to worry about from the playing surface.

Multi-Purpose Gym Floors

Perfect for schools, churches, and indoor facilities seeking to maximize the usage of their investment, multi-purpose gym floors are flexible and durable. While they are used primarily for sporting events, they are also suitable for lunches, dances, social events, and more. This means they must be able to withstand impacts, heavy loads, and constant usage.

At the Jack Laurie Group, we have partnered with the top manufacturers of multi-purpose gym flooring to help you find the perfect scuff-resistant, slip-resistant flooring. We will discuss your usage requirements, look at your budget and scheduling needs, and provide a solution that we guarantee will satisfy your needs.

Exercise & Rehabilitation Floors

Physiotherapy and rehabilitation centers are relied upon to help patients get back on their feet and be mobile again. Patients come in dealing with a variety of injuries and need a comfortable, safe environment in which they can strengthen and recover.

At the Jack Laurie Group, we install durable, high-quality flooring for exercise and rehabilitation. Our team will help you decide on the right amount of support and cushioning, as well as non-slip and anti-microbe flooring to meet safety and cleanliness standards. We can also help incorporate designs such as branding and corporate colors to provide the right atmosphere for your exercise or rehabilitation room.

Weight Room Floors

Your athletes should be protected while they work out, and they need flooring that can withstand the impacts of cardio weightlifting while providing grip and stability and reducing the potential for injury. At the same time, you need flooring that is durable, hygienic, easy to clean, and able to endure plenty of contact.

Our solutions will help you to provide your athletes with the peace of mind that their weight room flooring is safe and meant to protect against fatigue and musculoskeletal injuries. Working with only the top weight room flooring providers in the country, the Jack Laurie Group will design and install the necessary flooring to keep your team going.

Running Tracks

Indoor and outdoor tracks have their own specific requirements. Indoor tracks must provide cushioning, as they are almost always laid over a hard surface, and outdoor tracks must provide durability and withstand the fluctuations of the weather and seasons. Both must also offer as much grip and slip-resistance as possible.

Our experts at the Jack Laurie Group will help you identify the right running track installation solution to meet your requirements. Our team will help to measure and configure the track and provide professional installation.

Artificial Turf Surfaces

Modern artificial turf has evolved to create surfaces that are hard to tell apart from natural turf in look and feel. This allows for indoor and outdoor playing surfaces that feature identical cushion and support and are friendly to the bones and joints of players. At the same time, artificial turf must be able to withstand constant use without tearing up or separating.

Our installation team provides a seamless, uniform, predictable playing surface that can help your athletes to minimize the chance for injury on artificial turf. Partnering with the top artificial turf manufacturers, we will create and install turf that will make your players wonder if they are playing on the real thing.

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