Project Spotlight: Eastwood Middle School

vinyl as school flooring

In schools and learning environments, new flooring is a critical opportunity to improve focus and ignite inspiration. Eastwood Middle School has embraced a significant flooring transformation with the installation of new luxury vinyl plank (LVP) and carpet.

In Eastwood Middle School, the synergy of LVP and carpet creates a versatile and inviting atmosphere. The flooring’s modern style and adaptability perfectly align with the liveliness of a middle school to foster an engagement and inspire learning. Practical yet infused with contemporary style, the revitalized flooring extends from classrooms to common areas. In every corner, the design is intentional, aiming to bring focus, encourage growth, and enhance the overall learning experience.

LVP is a wise choice that goes beyond just appearance. LVP is strong and durable, making it great for busy areas in a school. It’s easy to clean and can handle lots of activity. This choice not only improves the school’s look but also makes sure it lasts long with little upkeep. It creates a great learning environment for students and teachers, making education a positive experience.

The carpet adds a layer of comfort and warmth, particularly in crucial spaces like offices and classrooms. Our team’s installation process ensures a reliable surface that stands up to the lively activities within the school. This intentional design encourages movement while enhancing durability and comfort, creating an optimal learning environment. The harmonious blend of beauty and functionality promotes a positive and conducive atmosphere for learning and growth.

Incorporating LVP and carpet into educational flooring design showcases forward-thinking to enhance the surroundings. If you’re considering a flooring revitalization for your educational institution, reach out to us today to explore the possibilities and join schools, like Eastwood Middle School, who are redefining their spaces with innovative and comfortable flooring solutions from Merrillville and Valparaiso, to Indianapolis, Fort Wayne, and Lafayette.