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The Jack Laurie Group brings together master craftsmen from multiple disciplines to create an unmatched customer experience. Above all else, we are a customer service company, providing you with the solutions you're looking for when it comes to your facility.

Revolutionizing the Industry

By creating a one-stop resource for interior needs, we've developed a new model for our industry - one that makes your life simpler and less stressful. We offer interior finishing, specialty surfaces, commercial and residential flooring, and cleaning serices under one reliable brand.

Creating a Legacy

Your happiness is our ultimate goal, which requires superior-quality work, one-time projects, eliminating the hassle, and taking the stress off of your shoulders. Our passion for our work and customer-first approach have created loyalty and a lasting legacy that can be seen in schools and commercial buildings across the state and beyond.

Innovating to Meet Your Needs

At Jack Laurie, we are constantly innovating to create newer and better methods of solving your flooring, interiors and cleaning challenges.

Since 1950

Serving Indiana
with integrity and professionalism.

We focus on customer-centric project management through hiring and developing skilled craftsmen and project managers. Our team fulfills needs not by centering on products or procedures, but instead creating custom solutions that fit the exact needs of your project. There is no one-size-fits-all solution, and we don’t believe in forcing what works for one project into another or pushing specific products on customers. We’ll provide you with the best solutions for you so you’re able to make the most informed decisions when it comes to your facility.

A team of forward-thinking industry leaders united in collaboration and services to provide you with the highest quality service and guaranteed satisfaction.

At Jack Laurie Group, we’re continually developing great people who accomplish great things both inside and outside of the workplace. Our core values align us and allow us to create personal and professional goals for each team member. Our people are our most important asset. We love coming together as a team, wearing many hats, and helping you achieve your biggest facility goals.

We’ve been a pillar of the Indiana community since 1950. Take a look back at our timeline.

We offer flexible benefit plans, paid time off, quarterly bonuses, mentorship programs, team building events, and emphasis on work life balance.


Years Serving Indiana
Forward Thinking

Driven by passion and united by purpose, we are Jack Laurie Group.

“Every great project is a product of communication and working together. That’s why responsiveness lies at the heart of our client relationships.”

John Laurie, CEO/Owner

Our story goes beyond enhancing the communities where we live and work. We each have something that makes us unique and different, and that makes our collaboration richer. We create a culture of teaching and learning through cross-mentoring that spans generations, disciplines, interests, and talents. We strive to give each person exposure to the widest array of experiences possible to help them grow farther and faster than they could anywhere else.