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Jack Laurie Group is renowned for our superb residential flooring installations and maintenance. Our team joined forces with Carpet Craftsman in 2007 to elevate our service and provide the highest-quality flooring solutions in the area. In 2011, a residential showroom was opened in the Indiana Design Center in Carmel to serve the needs of residential customers in the Indianapolis area.

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The soft embrace of carpet under your feet is a welcomed feeling in the morning, offering warmth and comfort, and kicking off your shoes or boots at night is a welcomed relief.

Carpet selection and installation require an expert eye and an expert hand. Our team at Jack Laurie Group will help you select carpeting that fits your room, from the right colors and/or patterns to a weave or fabric that can fit your lifestyle and limit wear-and-tear. Our installation team tops it off by laying tight, wrinkle-free carpet while tackling oddly-shaped rooms, stairs, and other carpeting projects that some installers would find difficult.

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The elegance of hardwood is hard to deny, as it brings warmth as well as refinement to any room. It is flexible, and the variety of woods and patinas available provide plenty of room to personalize your space. It is incredibly durable as well – with the proper installation and finishing, hardwood can be the flooring touch that will last your residence throughout your lifetime. It never gets old.

Our seasoned hardwood installation team at the Jack Laurie Group has decades of knowledge to offer to help you pick out the right hardwood flooring for your space and install it. Whether it is over standard subflooring, concrete subflooring, or even radiant heat, our team has the professionalism to tackle expert-level jobs with ease. We are certified by top flooring manufacturers such as Kahrs, Hartco, and Bruce for providing expert service and installation.


Combining a great look with a budget-friendly price point, today’s laminate flooring is durable, scratch-resistant, and suitable for any room in the house. From wood-look flooring in the dining room and living room to tile-look in the kitchen or stone-look in the bathroom, laminate mimics trendy appearances without the trendy price tag.

While laminates are fairly easy to install, the look can be ruined if they aren’t installed properly. That’s why you need an installation team with experience installing laminate flooring. Instead of managing all of the equipment and components, bring in the experts who will use the right products to ensure your laminate flooring gets the most out of its design and durability potential.


Easy to clean and a clear sign of luxury, tile adds vibrancy to every room. From rough, rustic tiling for the farm kitchen look to clean and contemporary tile in your bathroom oasis, the right tile creates a timeless look.

Tile flooring needs an expert team for installation. Spacing, cutting, laying, and grouting all need a professional hand, as errors in laying tile can be costly. Tile can also be used to make incredible mosaic designs, but you need an exacting design hand. That’s why your tile installation job needs the expertise of our team at the Jack Laurie Group. Our extensive experience in preparing and laying tile flooring eliminates errors and helps keep your tiling task within budget.

Vinyl / Luxury Vinyl

Providing the natural looks of wood or stone or featuring modern textures and abstract designs, today’s vinyl and luxury vinyl flooring are a far cry from the vinyl of the past. Modern vinyl flooring is nearly impossible to differentiate from the look it is mimicking, which has made it an increasingly popular option for residential applications. It is also easier to clean and maintain than the wood and stone looks it may imitate.

With such a massive trend, it’s important to get it right. At the Jack Laurie Group, our team stays ahead of the trends by educating our members and ensuring that they can provide unsurpassed installation expertise in the region. This allows us to ensure a great look and great durability at a great price.

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