A seamless floor finishing with antimicrobial properties. Do you know what you're looking for when it comes to commercial floors? Still unsure? We're here to help make it happen for you.

Food Processing Facilities

Production, packaging, and storage of foods and beverage requires meeting stringent rules and regulations. The FDA has extensive guidelines outlining what is acceptable to avoid contamination and sickness.

What’s important to know when it comes to your floors in food processing facilities?

  • The surfaces must be smooth and easily cleanable, but also able to withstand heavy cart, forklift, and foot traffic.
  • Constant exposure to potentially-corrosive food byproducts including natural acids, oils, and fats can be corrosive and require a time-tested solution.
  • All facilities must meet the FDA, EPA, and USDA guidelines – that’s what we’re here for!

With decades of experience working in food processing plants across Indiana, the Jack Laurie Group has experience working with epoxy and resinous flooring that meets FDA, EPA, and USDA guidelines while being cost-efficient. We will work with you to find the appropriate materials, and then use our experience to reduce your project-schedule and install your floor quickly and efficiently.

Chemical Processing Facilities

The corrosion and acids that can come from chemical processing can be extremely destructive to uncoated surfaces. Do you know why it’s important to choose the proper flooring for these facilities?

  • Failing to protect these surfaces is necessary to eliminate wear-and-tear beyond what your facility can withstand.
  • At the same time, flooring must be waterproof, sanitary, resistant to impact from the constant foot traffic and forklift traffic, and slip-resistant to help prevent accidents.

The high-quality epoxy and resinous floors we install at the Jack Laurie Group are perfect for facets of the chemical processing industry including hazardous waste processing facilities, fertilizer and herbicide producers, biochemical plants, water, and wastewater treatment plants, and any other area where durability and safety is a concern. Our expert team provides efficient, high-quality installation that can be trusted for years to come.


Epoxy and resin flooring is perfect for the warehousing industry for so many reasons.

  • It provides smooth, even-traffic surfaces, slip-resistant walking surfaces
  • Low maintenance costs
  • Scuff resistance for heavy forklift and personal lift traffic
  • Can be designed to incorporate logos, colors, and designs to help your workers navigate these extensive facilities

The Jack Laurie Group works with epoxy and resinous flooring to provide the perfect solutions for warehousing needs. You must keep your warehousing moving slowly, even during installation, which is why you should choose JLG: we will work with you from the design phase through the finalization of the project to meet your schedule and budget.

Industrial Facilities

Industrial facilities come with their own set of requirements that can be custom dependent upon your location and specific needs. Epoxy and resinous flooring can be a great option for industrial facilities for the reasons listed below.

  • Dust control is a necessity in industrial facilities in which machinery may need to be kept clean
  • Many industrial facilities simply need chemical resilience, these floors provide that
  • Every industrial facility wants flooring with skid resistance and grip control that is also inexpensive, time-saving, and easy to clean. That’s quite a bit to demand of a floor surface, but it must also withstand the weight and impact of workers, forklifts, and machinery.

The epoxy and resinous floors installed by the Jack Laurie Group are made to withstand the rigors of heavy industry. At the same time, our team has extensive training and experience that allows us to install these floors with minimal interruption to your facility.

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