Our Company Culture

Developing Great People Who Accomplish Great Things

We are Jack Laurie Group

Our Mission

Our mission at Jack Laurie Group is to help our clients create spaces that are better places to work and live.

We do this by living our vision to continue to develop great people who accomplish great things while standing by our core values: Live with Integrity, Operate with Accountability, Communicate with Candor, and Win with Teamwork!

Our Core Values

We define our core values with the I ACT acronym. These are the traits we emphasize with each of our employees and help remind us what our focus should continue to be.

At Jack Laurie Group, how I ACT matters.

I ntegrity

A ccountability

C andor

T eamwork

Employee engagement is of the highest importance to us at the Jack Laurie Group. An engaged employee is motivated to contribute to the success of the company, ready to give their best every day, and has a sense of well-being. Not only does this make for a healthy, happy employee, but one that we can build our team around as well.

There should be more to your job than just work. We know that balancing your life and your career is important. It’s important to us as well – we want our employees to be well-rounded individuals with a sense of community involvement. It’s why JLG employees are widely respected across the state.

At Jack Laurie Group, we see endless possibilities in the way we influence buildings and ideas that honor the broader goals of society. At the heart of this belief is that our people are the most valuable asset we bring to our work. We are always looking for people to join our team who share this belief!