Project Spotlight: Shenandoah Middle School

school flooring

At Shenandoah Middle School, the Jack Laurie Group rose to the challenge of creating a flooring solution that would reflect the school’s values of focus and progress while providing durability and design appeal.

The project consisted of entryways and common spaces, both high-traffic areas. The renovation encompassed 6,120 SF of Armstrong VCT and 963 SF of Interface walk-off carpet. To enhance the learning environment, we utilized neutral tones to enhance focus and productivity. Additionally, the navy blue Tarkett base was installed to match the school colors and instill a sense of pride.

Shenandoah Middle School’s new flooring is innovative and features high-quality flooring that can withstand the hustle and bustle of hundreds of students. Looking for long-lasting flooring for your school? Contact us today if your school needs a free consultation!