3 Reasons to Update your School Floors

School Flooring

Indiana schools often get busy and chaotic, which is why it’s important to ensure that the flooring is in good condition. After all, if your school’s flooring looks dirty or worn down, it can have a negative effect on the students’ morale. Outdated flooring can also pose safety risks and even health hazards if not properly maintained. We’ve outlined the top reasons to update your school flooring:

1. Improved Safety

One of the key advantages of replacing old flooring in schools is improved safety for both students and faculty. Old floors are more likely to be uneven or slippery and can cause falls or other injuries if left unattended. With updated school flooring, you can reduce these risks by providing better traction and stability for those who walk on them. Additionally, new floors may also come with additional features like anti-slip coatings which can further reduce risks.

2. Improved Aesthetics 

Finally, updating your school’s flooring is also beneficial aesthetically speaking; having an attractive space helps to create a positive environment for learning – something that any faculty would want for their school! Newer materials are often brighter and more vibrant than older ones which helps to give the space a fresh look. Additionally, newer floor designs often feature interesting patterns and textures which help to break up the monotony of traditional linoleum floors found in many schools today! 

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3. Enhanced Comfort 

Old floors can become quite uncomfortable over time due to wear and tear. This means that students and teachers may find it difficult to sit or stand on them for long periods of time without feeling discomfort or pain in their feet or legs. By upgrading your school’s flooring, you can provide students with a much more comfortable surface to walk on. Newer materials are often softer than older ones and there is an option to order thicker cushioning under specific materials. 

Updating your school’s flooring is an easy way to make sure that your students feel comfortable in their learning environment while reducing potential safety risks at the same time. From Indianapolis and Fort Wayne, to Merrillville, Valparaiso and Lafayette, Jack Laurie Group has the experience and team to help you create the best, most cost efficient school flooring.  Contact Jack Laurie Group today for a free consultation. 

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