Back To School: It’s Still Not Too Late for Deep Cleaning

Back To School: It's Still Not Too Late for Deep Cleaning

It’s already that time again, back to school! This summer really flew by didn’t it? 

As the kids gather back into the buildings this year, it’s important to take some crucial steps in ensuring the safety, health, and wellbeing of students, staff, and faculty

In order to do that properly, we recommend a deep cleaning for your school as part of an ongoing maintenance plan to maintain a clean environment.

School’s already started you say? That’s okay, it’s not too late to schedule your cleaning and get started on an ongoing plan. When working with a commercial cleaner and janitorial service, it’s vital that they understand your specific needs including the use of different areas of the building and creating a cleaning schedule that fits within activities in the building and additional facilities.

What are the benefits of a scheduled deep cleaning for your school?

  • Appearance: With all the shining new faces in the building, you’ll want everyone that walks through the doors to be excited about their learning environment. Having a clean building and classrooms allows students and their teachers to feel warm and welcome.
  • Health: Germs! Most people don’t even like the word germs but we know they’re out there. To help with the overall health of students and staff, keeping the building and classrooms clean plays a major factor. A scheduled cleaning maintenance plan would allow for more cleaning during times of increased illness such as flu season. Being on-top of cleaning can stop the spread of major infection and disease and also reduce allergens and bacteria, dust, dirt, mold, and pollen.
  • Save Time: With scheduled deep-cleanings and an ongoing cleaning maintenance plan, you’ll save time and stress when it comes to managing cleaning services. With a dedicated team to fit your specific needs, it’s one thing you can check off your to-do list!

What areas should be targeted for cleaning in the maintenance plan?

  • Restrooms: It’s important to perform high-pressure cleaning in the restroom and around all surfaces to make sure they’re properly sanitized.
  • Flooring & Carpet: Floors and carpets play a major factor in indoor air quality. Carpet extraction and sanitization ensures that allergens are greatly reduced and
  • Gyms & Locker Rooms: These areas can be breeding grounds for infection. It’s important to keep these areas very clean and make sure students and athletes are regularly washing clothes brought into the facility.

While these are just recommendations, your specific educational facility should note any areas that need additional focused cleaning and should continue communication with your cleaning services provider to ensure that your requirements are met.