Polished Concrete: The Hottest Trend in the Industry

Polished Concrete: The Hottest Trend in the Industry

Trends come and go in many different industries, but when it comes to interior decorating, one of the hottest segments of the market today is polished concrete.

When it comes to polished concrete, over the past 5 years, we’ve continued to see an upward trend in growth and it doesn’t appear that’s going to go away any time soon.

Both industrial and commercial industries have set a new standard with polished concrete as their go-to because of its durability, reduced costs, minimal environmental impact, and it’s overall look and appeal.

Chris Sullivan at The Concrete Network takes a deep dive into the history of concrete and polished concrete. In his downloadable PDF, you’ll learn several facts, tips, tricks, and more.

Below we’ll take a quick glimpse into some of the most essential quick tips you need to know before considering polished concrete for your own business.

What You Need to Know About Polished Concrete

Expertise is Crucial

As an industry grows, you’re more prone to finding people and companies that say they are experts in the area of polished concrete and other services, but it’s important to check the reputation and training involved with the company you’re hiring.

Polishing concrete requires a very high level of expertise in the concrete industry as well as a large amount of hands-on experience.

One of the biggest mistakes newbies or those that are inexperienced in the industry make is assuming that all concrete is the right fit for being polished.

When it comes to polishing, the concrete that you start with will make all the difference with the appearance and aesthetic of what you end up with.

Learning the ins and outs of concrete is truly an art.

At Jack Laurie Group, we’re continually training and providing our installers and project managers with continued education as well as the hands-on experience that’s required to become true experts in the art.

Why is Polished Concrete a Quickly Growing Trend?

When polished concrete first started being marketed in the early 2000’s it was sold as a maintenance-free flooring option.

This isn’t the case.

It quickly became noticed as the years went on that wear and tear was happening to these floors and the market has adapted and developed since then, learning from the mistakes that occurred.

Since the early days, much has been learned, and the growth hasn’t stopped. From schools, commercial, retail businesses, government, and more, you’ll find polished concrete in almost every type of industry for several reasons:

  • Cost reduction and savings
  • Aesthetics, light-reflectivity
  • Smooth, easy to clean
  • Reduction in time and money spent on floor cleaning and maintenance
  • Reduction in artificial light because of increased luster and shine = cost savings!

Tools & Time Needed

It’s recommended that when a team comes to install your new polished concrete floors that they come equipped with a complete toolbox and equipment that handles the scope and the size of the job.

One common mistake is newer companies in the industry coming to a job site ill-equipped with the wrong number or wrong size of equipment needed.

It’s also crucial that the installation team has access to the floor for the entire time required to complete the project and estimates should be given about this in advance of the project taking place. Your installation team shouldn’t be working on the new floor while other things are being done around the floor because of the requirement of large equipment, movement, and the repeated application of different chemicals.

At Jack Laurie, we not only offer polished concrete installation, but we’re industry experts when it comes to commercial cleaning and maintaining those precious floors! Learn why it’s so important, no matter what type of floor you have, to have a floor maintenance plan.

Let’s take the next steps when it comes to creating a custom floor that fits your needs and your industry. Click here to get the conversation going with one of our polished concrete industry experts to see how we can help you.