New LVT Flooring at Aspire Indiana Health:

Aspire Indianapolis Office Healthcare Medical Facility

At Jack Laurie Group, we design and install flooring. We want it to look great and align with the vision. That is why when Aspire Indiana Willowbrook reached out we were such a great team.

The project involved the removal of old direct glue carpeting. The vision wanted something new and sustainable that would show movement. After discussing their needs and goals, we recommended the Mohawk LVT Reforestation style.

This particular flooring selection uses visuals from the outdoors. Thus bringing the natural healing of the world indoors. It’s the perfect way to camouflage foot traffic while also inviting people to stay. The natural feel of the outside provides a creative and energetic feeling in the office.

One of the key benefits of LVT is that it provides a cushion for comfort. This innovative flooring option helps build comfort. The Reforestation ecosystem product is sustainable creating a biophilic design.  The durability and change of scenery are the shifted focus features. It helps us connect to our natural side providing focus through the design. Making it perfect for large platforms. We’re proud to have helped Aspire Indiana Willowbrook renovate its facility. Showcasing how a sustainable design can also be beautiful and functional. At the Jack Laurie Group, we’re committed to providing the best flooring solutions. Contact us today to meet the needs of your healthcare facility.