How to Properly Care For Your Hardwood Basketball Court – Screen and Recoat

How to Properly Care For Your Hardwood Basketball Court - Scrub and Recoat

A hardwood gym court is a big investment for an athletic facility, so taking care of it extremely important and will help you in maintaining the life of the floor and keeping up appearances!


For starters, the floor needs to be dry mopped at a minimum once a day. We recommend doing this once over in the morning because whenever someone comes into the gym, the dirt and dust are similar to sandpaper and it scratches the floor.

It’s important to do your best to stay ahead of the dust, although this can be a difficult task.

Having walk-off mats in the gym at the facility entranceways and entrances to the gym itself can help, as they can trap dirt, but it’s important to take proper care of the walk-off mats as well because if this isn’t done, you can find users track even more dirt and debris into the building.

It’s important to have a trained professional clean the courts because while there are many tools to help make the process faster and more efficient if you have someone that doesn’t understand what they’re doing perform the work, they can cause significant damage.

It’s not recommended to use a regular mop and bucket on hardwood basketball/gym courts, because over-mopping can cause water damage as well as cross-contamination.

Jack Laurie Group recommends a neutral-pH floor cleaner, and to lighten the load on you, our trained professionals work with the industry’s best products and finishes. We also utilize and recommend the use of auto-scrubbers, but only with a trained professional as well. If not utilized properly, you can oversaturate the floor and do damage.

What is a Screen & Recoat?

Many floor professionals are familiar with the term, “screen and recoat.” Screen and recoat is considered a bit more “old school.” At Jack Laurie Group, our cleaning services department recommends what’s called a “screen and recoat,” however, dependent upon your preferences, we offer both a screen and recoat as well as a sand and finish.

Both methods are when the contractor comes in and slightly abrades the floor and applies 1 to 2 coats of finish. With the screen and recoat method, you won’t need to repaint game lines. That is why we recommend doing this once a year to maintain your hardwood gym floors depending on its usage.

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