The Grossest Thing Your Office Cleaning Company Is Doing

The Grossest Thing Your Office Cleaning Company Is Doing

Using the toilet rag to clean your keyboard? Umm, yeah…it really happens. More often than we like to think about.

Lucky for you, there’s a quick way to tell whether this might be happening without installing surveillance cameras or following the cleaners around at night like a creep.

Next time you have a chance, take a peek inside the janitorial or cleaning supply closet. What color are the rags? (Yes, this really is important.)

Any professional cleaning service should use four colors:

  • RED rags are for toilets only
  • YELLOW is for everywhere else in the restrooms
  • BLUE is for glass
  • GREEN is for the rest of the office

If you open the closet only to find a bunch of rags all in one color – or just white rags – chances are the toilet rag has crossed paths with your desk, your office door handles, or your mouse at some point.

Without a color-coded system, there’s absolutely no way to tell which rags have been used for which purposes.

Sorry to ruin your day, folks. But, hey, at least now you know.

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