Celadon Group

Challenge/task: Celedon was seeking a thorough, efficient and professional janitorial service to handle round-the-clock cleaning of its massive, four-building corporate complex covering three square blocks, which includes office space, operations and logistics areas, and dorm/hotel-like space for truck drivers passing through.

Solution:We compiled a team of about a dozen full-time cleaning professionals to handle this large, complex account, with some assigned to general tidying up, maintenance, bathroom cleaning and restocking, and laundry service during the day and others assigned to deep cleaning projects at night. We hired a full-time, on-site supervisor to ensure the quality of our work, and we conduct management audits of the work about four days a week. Celedon has reported that our work is far more efficient and detail-oriented than prior janitorial services.

ProjectJanitorial/cleaning service customerMarket SegmentCorporateLocationIndianapolis

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