daltile_kitchen1-300x300What I’ve always loved about living in Indiana are the palettes the changing seasons bring; Soft pastels to vibrant tones, muted earthy colors and every hue of white you can imagine. The changing seasons always inspire us: How we dress, how we act, even how we style our home.

The seasons also inspire yearly trends in color.

“Colorists and designers find inspiration in many areas, including fashion, trade shows, trend-forecasting groups and global events,” says Nathan Hammett, manager of color and design at Mohawk Residential. According to Nathan, five words define current trends in color and design: Comfort, Celebration, Responsibility, Nostalgia and Intrigue.

room_kit_wb8_02_g-297x300Comfort epitomizes the back-to-basics neutral palettes of both the apparel and home furnishing industries. Celebration shades make a strong accent statement in each of our themes. This concept translates into both traditional and eclectic interiors as well as contemporary spaces. Responsibility is a segment of the environmental movement. Low-impact dyes and dying methods were created, allowing for a larger range of colors to be developed in organic fibers. Nostalgia represents our yearning for the less complicated. Intrigue is also reminiscent of an earlier era. Deep rich color is making a huge statement in both apparel and home furnishings.

As you can tell, I am obsessed with color. I follow blogs, take the online tests. I even have several Pantone books that I browse through. I have a few to share for your own inspiration.

PP-Living-room-297x300ColourLovers.com – This is one of my favorite blogs. In addition to featuring the use of color in media, art and clothing this blog also shows the latest trends in color.

PPGPorterPaints.com – Jack Laurie Interiors Contracting is an exclusive Porter Paints partner. Not only are their colors endless, their website is too. You can find the 2011 paint trends here.

If you’re still searching for the right color for you, take their online quiz.

The most important thing, after looking through all of this, is to stay true to you. Color is personal. Our staff at Jack Laurie Home Floor Designs in Fort Wayne and Indianapolis, Indiana, can help you discover your own personal trends. In addition to meeting all your flooring needs, we also can handle all your interior work, such as painting, as well as keep your floors looking like new for years to come. Visit our website to learn more and to contact your favorite JLHFD representative.