Louisville Tile: A Training Partner

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As we anticipate the launch of our 7th apprenticeship year, we’d like to take a moment to showcase Louisville Tile, an invaluable collaborator in our Ceramic Installers Apprenticeship Program for the past five years. These manufacturers lend their expertise and their representatives to elevate our apprenticeship program, shaping the next generation of flooring professionals in our company.

Louisville Tile has enriched our program through four specialized trainings targeted to different stages of the ceramic apprenticeship. Their team, led by Marc Mularoni and Tom Kaada, brings together technical representatives from reputable manufacturers such as Crossville Tile, Florida Tile, Raimondi Tools, and TEC Adhesives.

From providing entry-level training on the Tile Council of North America (TCNA) standards to mid-level courses delving into tile and stone installation, their expertise spans the gamut. They’ve also hosted advanced sessions like Gauged Porcelain Tile Installation, broadening our apprentices’ skill set. This currently encompasses five separate and distinct trainings through the three-year program.

Louisville Tile’s training goes above and beyond, incorporating insights from various industry experts. These sessions provide comprehensive knowledge that our apprentices can directly apply at the job site and during the pre-planning stages of a project.

Their contribution to our apprenticeship program is a testament to their dedication to high-quality installations and industry advancement. Together, we continue to foster a culture of continuous learning and quality craftsmanship. Stay tuned as we continue to recognize the manufacturers shaping the future of our industry through our apprenticeship program.