Need A Good Job Or Know Someone Who Does?

The construction industry is facing a serious shortage of skilled workers nationwide. Jack Laurie University (JLU) is our answer to that problem.

Jack Laurie University is an initiative to train and build the workforce of the future, ensuring that young people who are not college bound have access to rewarding and high-paying jobs with the opportunity for career growth.

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Change Your Life & Start A Career

JLU’s flagship program is the floor covering installer apprenticeship. Students are paid to work while they learn, and they have the opportunity to earn a free associate’s degree from Vincennes University. There is no cost to enroll.

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Become A Licensed Journeyman

Graduates of this U.S. Department of Labor-certified program become licensed floor covering journeyman, making about $50,000 per year on average.

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You don’t have to settle for minimum wage.

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