Vinyl tile is second only to carpet as the most widely used commercial floor covering in the United States. Its popularity is based on its low cost and ease of installation.


Vinyl composition tile (VCT) has benefits of being economical, durable and highly resistant to abrasion. It does, however, require ongoing maintenance for it to retain its appearance and maintain its maximum product life.

Jack Laurie, the company’s founder and namesake, started his career by attending Armstrong’s Vinyl Tile Master Mechanic School in 1947 in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. Today, Jack Laurie Commercial Floors is one of the largest buyers and installers of VCT in Indiana. As a result, Jack Laurie Commercial Floors is the preferred contractor for the major VCT manufacturers to sell, install and maintain their products!

Luxury vinyl tile (LVT) offers unique looks such as natural wood, stone, metal and other exotic visuals. LVT is a more expensive product than VCT and more difficult to install, but the difference in appearance is dramatic. We also are certified to sell, install and maintain luxury vinyl tile from the top LVT manufacturers: Amtico, Captiva, Altro and Partarre.

Whatever your budget, aesthetic and performance requirements, call us to learn about the latest resilient flooring products; we also have the expertise to install and maintain them for you.