Originally, terrazzo floors were created by Venetian construction workers in the 1600s. Many of those same floors are still in existence today! Therefore, it goes without saying that terrazzo floors can last a lifetime.


A terrazzo floor per square foot is very expensive at first glance, but when viewing the life cycle of this floor and the minimum amount of maintenance required to have the floor look fantastic, the initial investment can be justified. Besides being an economical choice in the long run, terrazzo can be a timeless work of art.

The creative choices when choosing a terrazzo floor are limitless. Special effects often are created in terrazzo such as seals, logos and even unusual shapes; contours can be custom designed. It is the most unique hard surface floor available today.

There is a high degree of difficulty in properly installing a terrazzo floor. Jack Laurie Commercial Floors has in-house expertise and outside resources that can execute any type of terrazzo floor application, be it sand cushion, bonded, monolithic and/or thin set.

Call us to help design and create a terrazzo floor work of art for your facility.