Products, Installation, Repair, Cleaning and Restoration: When It Comes to Sports Floors, We Have You Covered!

  • Multi-Purpose Gym Floors
  • Running Tracks
  • Weight Room Floors
  • Artificial Turf Surfaces
  • Exercise/Rehabilitation Floors
  • Indoor and Outdoor Courts


The primary function of an athletic surface is to ensure the appropriate levels of safety, comfort and performance for its users. From the professional athlete to the weekend warrior, from the very young to the young at heart, medical rehab to recreation, everyone can benefit from using the appropriate sports floor covering.

Our specialty surfaces range from sport-specific to multi-purpose. We do specific applications for basketball, volleyball, football and soccer. We also do multipurpose sports flooring that can be utilized for a lot of non-athletic uses, such as lunches, dances and social events. These multi-purpose sports floors are great for schools, churches and pay-for-play facilities seeking to maximize the usage of their investment.

Whatever type of sports flooring you need, Jack Laurie Specialty Surfaces has partnered with the best manufacturers and suppliers in the industry. We will provide you the highest quality and performance in the market. We also will guarantee your complete satisfaction with all of our sports floor products and services.

If you’re interested in a new sports surface, resurfacing your existing sports floor or just need repairs or new game-line striping for your existing floor, give us the ball and we can run with it. We also can keep your sports floor looking new with our maintenance division. We want to be a resource for all your sports floor needs!

Maintaining Your Specialty Surface

Jack Laurie Specialty Surfaces is an expert at cleaning, restoring and maintaining all types of sports floors. Who better to provide this service than the company that sells and installs all types of sports floors and specialty surfaces? We know precisely what the manufacturers’ recommended chemicals and processes are for each specific type of sports flooring.

Our synthetic sports floor finish features the following:

  • Tough, flexible long-lasting finish that protects all synthetic sports floors from premature wear. It won’t crack or separate, even when subjected to heavy loads.
  • Can be used on all rubber, poured urethane, vinyl and epoxy-based sports floors.
  • Combination seal and finish
  • Slip resistant and UL classified

Our urethane wood floor finish features the following:

  • Resists scuffs and black marks
  • Only 24 hours of gym down time (water based only)
  • Uniquely restorable with high-speed buffer
  • Suitable for oak, maple and parquet floors
  • Slip resistant and UL classified

So if you’re interested in refinishing your existing sports floor or specialty surface, give us the ball and we can run with it. We want to be a resource for all your sports floor needs!