Sheet vinyl offers a wide range of design and application options. It can bring vibrant colors, textures and intricate patterns to your floor, making it a centerpiece of your facility.


Sheet vinyl is an excellent choice when heavy rolling loads, heavy static loads and high-traffic walkways are involved in your flooring application. Plus, sheet vinyl is extremely resistant to indentations, gouging and staining.

In addition, sheet vinyl can be flash covered up walls to take the place of conventional wall base materials and the seams of sheet vinyl also can be heat welded. The result of these two installation methods is a seamless hygienic floor that is very easy to clean and maintain. All these benefits make sheet vinyl a favorite in all health care applications (hospitals, assisted living facilities, nursing homes and medical office buildings).

Due to the complexity of installing sheet vinyl in these types of health care facilities, and the rare installation skill set of flash covering and heat welding, you need a flooring contractor that specializes in these types of installations. Jack Laurie Commercial Floors is that contractor. We have the largest pool of skilled sheet vinyl installers in the state. Furthermore, we successfully execute hundreds of sheet vinyl projects each year. If you think you may want sheet vinyl installed in your facility (heat welded, flash covered, intricate pattern, etc), we are the company to call.