Safety flooring is a top priority for any facility that faces slip-and-fall issues. Safety flooring improves traction in both wet and dry conditions.


This mitigates accidents and lawsuits! Safety flooring is the perfect choice for many areas where ordinary flooring is not practical. We install a lot of it in locker rooms and shower areas, restaurants, commercial kitchens, indoor pool and spa decks and automotive repair shops.

Besides slip-and-fall issues, safety flooring also can produce a continuous illuminated escape pathway to safety. By design, this type of safety floor provides a visible exit pathway. In the event of power failure, smoke or any other type of disaster where visibility is obstructed, safety floors ensure a safe evacuation route.

Jack Laurie Commercial Floors has been selling and installing safety floors for decades. We have been to Johnsonite’s manufacturing facility and are certified in their Safe-T-First and Safety Stride products. We pride ourselves on being up to speed on all the latest developments in safety floors. Call one of our sales experts to help you analyze the slip-and-fall hazards or evacuation needs at your facility.