Retail spaces entice us and give us a reason to enter. Jack Laurie Commercial Floors can help you create an inviting and energizing space in which to showcase your goods and services.


Our product and service offerings can meet the demanding needs of retailers by providing high-impact flooring that also can stand up to the rigors of retail foot traffic. Whether your needs are for a long-wearing classic look, or for frequent updates to the latest trends, we’ve got the right flooring products at the right price.

Installation and maintenance schedules can be arranged around your business hours with minimal disruption. We are used to working nights, weekends and/or holidays to get a retail space complete and open to the public. We are also open to providing “labor only” to retail chains. We prefer to package our specification, product, installation and maintenance together because we feel it provides the best economic value, service ease and warranty follow-up. However, bottom line, we will allow retail customers to “cherry pick” our offering for whatever fits their needs.

Our furniture and fixture lifting services include specialized equipment and techniques that enable us to install new flooring under your gondolas and displays without tearing them down. For more information, please visit the lifting page.

Ask one of our experts how we can upgrade your retail space for maximum sales per square foot.