Educational facilities of all types need to balance the performance requirements of high traffic and heavy use with the aesthetic consideration needed for a learning environment.


Schools have the most diverse applications for flooring, more than any other type of commercial flooring customer. Jack Laurie Commercial Floors has the right products and installation expertise to meet all of these flooring needs within budget. We are your one-stop shop. From a 20-year carpet for corridors, quarry tile in the kitchen, vinyl tile for classrooms, sports surfaces for the gymnasium or quiet cork in the library, we can show you great options for every floor application your school has!

School logos, alphabet circles and game lines are no problem. We can do custom layout on site or provide precise machine-cut images. With our “library lift” technology, we can replace library flooring without removing books from their shelves. The work is done at night so the library can remain operational throughout the process. As school specialists, we are accustomed to working on your schedule. We are always available for summer projects, spring break and Christmas break.

Please contact one of our school flooring experts to plan your next project.

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