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Why Jack Laurie Group?

Jack Laurie Group is Indiana’s leading specialist in facilities management. With expertise in the areas of commercial painting and wall covering, commercial ceilings, commercial cleaning, and commercial floor installation, Jack Laurie Group provides custom solutions to make all spaces better places to work and live. 

The Jack Laurie Group brings together master craftsmen from multiple disciplines to create an unmatched customer experience. Above all else, we are a customer service company. Our goal is to provide a customer experience that will blow you away, regardless of the type or size of the job. 

We focus on customer-centric project management through hiring and developing skilled craftsmen and project managers. Our team fulfills needs not by centering on products or procedures, but instead creating custom solutions that fit the exact needs of the project. There is no one-size-fits-all solution, and we don’t believe in forcing what works for one project into another or pushing specific products on customers. We educate you on the best options, then let you choose what’s best for your needs. 


Creating a commercial space often requires heavy customization. A square box is a good start, but there is so much more to do: walls and partitions must be created to block off offices, changing rooms, and storage rooms and create the flow you desire for your business.

By including wall and ceiling installation in our capabilities, Jack Laurie Group helps you save time in your commercial remodeling project. Having one company handle the entire project helps decrease its timeframe and allows for optimizing scheduling and tasks. So consult with our team for your entire project – from drywall and plaster walls to acoustic and specialty ceiling, we can handle it!


Creating the perfect commercial interior involves setting the right mood and making customers feel welcome while coordinating with your company’s branding. Our team at Jack Laurie Group knows that there is more to your space than substance; you also need style.

Interior and exterior painting, wall coverings, and drywall finishing are all part of our services. By offering these abilities, we provide a complete solution. Even specialty coatings, design, and textured walls and ceilings are within our range – we have the expertise to help you nail the perfect look.

Hitting the mark means creating solutions not just for visual impact, but for your health, comfort, visibility, and ease of use. From drywall and framing to painting and ceilings, we can handle all your interior needs.


So, what are you waiting for?

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