5 Students Join Jack Laurie Group as Summer Interns

ABC Prep Academy

It’s official! Five students from the ABC Prep Academy will join Jack Laurie Group as summer interns. Last week they participated in a signing day to show their commitment to JLG. We are proud to partner with the ABC Prep Academy, where the next generation of skilled tradesmen & women are developed.

Our Partnership with ABC Prep Academy:

As a strong supporter and sponsor of ABC Prep Academy, we recognize the value of their comprehensive program. The graduates from Fishers ABC Prep Academy, who have received an introduction to various trades, additional safety training certifications, and field trips, arrive at our company with a head start on their journey. We are honored to welcome these talented individuals as our summer interns, providing them with real-world experience and the opportunity to further develop their skills.

Empowering Future Journeymen

ABC Prep Academy stands out as a renowned institution that goes beyond traditional education. Their academically rigorous and content-rich program equips high school students with the necessary skills and knowledge to excel as tradespeople. By focusing on academic development, character building, and leadership training, ABC Prep Academy provides students with a solid foundation for their future careers.

Fostering Integrity:

ABC Prep Academy places a strong emphasis on integrity, recognizing its importance in both personal and professional spheres. Administrators and educators play a vital role in modeling and promoting this value, encouraging students to embrace it as they develop and grow. By instilling integrity, ABC Prep Academy equips students with the essential qualities needed to thrive in the workforce, emphasizing professionalism and ethical conduct. We share this commitment to integrity and prioritize it in all our interactions.

Our collaboration with ABC Prep Academy not only benefits the interns but also contributes to the growth and development of the construction industry as a whole. From Indianapolis and Fort Wayne to Merrillville, Valparaiso, and Lafayette, our team believes in investing in the next generation of Journeymen and supporting their career aspirations. Stay tuned for updates on their remarkable journey!